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Endoscopic/ Endonasal or "functional" surgery to your nose and sinuses represents the latest approach to the management of sinusitis. In the past the surgery was to some existent destructive and aimed at removing the "disease".  The latest surgery is based on the philosophy of encouraging optimal intranasal conditions to enable the disease to "settle down" over a period of time. 

The object is to allow better ventilation of the sinuses. 

Your co-operation will be needed to achieve the desired goal and you will need to be patient during the post-operative period. While you should notice an immediate improvement of some of your symptoms, others may take a while to settle. Some aspects of the disease may only settle after 4-6 months. In the case of polypoidal disease and allergy, you may subsequently need to use a steroid nasal spray for a prolong or indefinite period in an attempt to control the factors that lead to the disease in the first place.   

Occasionally chronic sinusitis cannot be "cured" and we will aim for an improvement and long term control.

The operation is usual a day procedure but you may be occasionally be required to stay overnight in the hospital. The operation is surprisingly painless. Try to be diligent about the use of your post-operative medications which will include a nasal "douche".

The post-operative care is most important and if omitted, can jeopardize the end results. You will need to return on scheduled days for nasal toilet and examination. The cost of the initial follow-up  management is included in your surgical cost, so please don't feel embarrassed to return. 

On the matter of costs, you should appreciate that modern sinus surgery is a highly skilled operation done under specially controlled anaesthetic conditions. It is not "cheap" surgery, but the benefit derived should be worth the outlay, which is comparable to the costs of reconstructive dentistry.

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